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AlphaBattles is a real-time competition to form words in a 4x4 letter grid. You must be fast or your opponent will spot the words before you do!

Challenge your friends or ranked players to find as many words as possible in two and a half minutes. Become the #1 player in the world of words!

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How to play

To gain points, players must create words from the randomly assorted letters in the cube grid.

The longer the word, the higher the point value of the word!


Use the hardest letters to earn extra points! Your brain will thank you for the workout!



Soon you'll find some customizations available for your main character! add your favorite hats and change her clothes! 

Also you can get emotes to react to your moves or opponent ones!

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Earn points and get the enough to use your boosters! 

Freeze your opponent during 10 seconds, and steal some words! Also get x2 points in some letters and get win the battles!

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