Ever wanted to own your own business empire? Now you can!
Become the world’s biggest and best Magnate in this new highly addictive game!
Wealth will breed more wealth and with some hard earned upgrades and strategic investments, you will break the top of the wealthiest people to become a true Magnate.

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Travel to the past (or to the future) to be the richest bot of the history!

But be careful! Sell your empire before another rich bot comes and steals your fortune. And don't forget to build your empire again! 

Get deals with great billionaires and be the richest one of the world to reach the top! Be richer than Queen Elizabot, Mr Bill Rates or Steve Bots.

Sell your empire by bonds to collect profits and make it even bigger. Travel to the future, get diamonds and above all, don't stop tapping!

Tap! tap! tap!


Get all the badges! Get some achievements to collect all the badges and show them to your firends to let them know that you are the greatest rich!

Invite your friends to the game and beat them into the rankings!

A new breed of publisher.  Bringing world class expertise and a drive to support and promote innovative games from the next generation of game developers.

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