Wild Guardians is a multiplayer Tower Defense game where you control both the attacks against other players and the defense of your stronghold.

Lead an army with infinite possibilities, settle the waves of soldiers to prevent upcoming sieges and call your guardians on the battlefield to guard against your enemies.

Evolve your troops and towers, summon powerful spells during the battle and defend your realm at all costs!

The Guardians are the most honorable heroes of the wildlands. With their powers and abilities, their job is to protect their King at all costs.


Powerful captains must understand how they fight and know which ones work better together to set up a perfect defense and overtake their enemies.

Available on iOS devices

Published By

A new breed of publisher.  Bringing world class expertise and a drive to support and promote innovative games from the next generation of game developers.

The Troops are the armies of the realm. Big herds that run together with one single objective: Kill the enemy King.


To do that, they must withstand the attacks from enemy Guardians, working together and leaning on each other resistances. Well managed, they can be unstoppable.

Softlaunch available in Argentina, spain, canada and netherlands

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